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Equipment of livestock buildings

We supply everything for the internals of the livestock buildings. We manufacture tie stalls and free stalls for cattle, feed rails, manure scrapers, drinking systems, feed lines, ventilation systems, roof skylights, window curtains, milking systems, milk coolers.

Manure scraper

Rail manure scraper is driven by electric motor with reducer. Length of the scraper: up to 100 m. Width of a manure channel: up to 200 cm.

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Free Stalls

Animals in free stall cow houses are kept loose. Such stalls allow animals to occupy any stall and guarantee rest in comfortable ...

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Automatic Feeders

Feed machines have a wide range of uses in pig farming. Tubes, swine feeders can be placed directly in the pigsty stall or mounted in a ...

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Water drinkers

Woda w żywieniu bydła odgrywa bardzo ważną rolę. Swobodny dostęp do nieograniczonej ilości wody decydująco wpływa na produkcyjność krów ...

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In order to make the process of animal production in the livestock building flow effectively, appropriate microclimate must be maintained. ...

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Roof Skylights

In livestock buildings illumination, including natural light, is the indispensable element needed for rearing a healthy livestock. Roof ...

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Window curtain

Ventilation openings in the barn should provide constant fresh air supply, adequate to the season (66m3 / h in winter to 220m3 / h in ...

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Poultry drinking systems

The drinking water system is the basis for any larger animal farm. Drinking systems provide animals a constant access to a fresh water.

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Feeding systems

Automatic feed systems we use are used to feed automatic feeders in pig houses and sheds. The system works very well with our funnel silos.

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Milking system

Marco-Polo pipeline milking system are high quality technical equipment associated with modern technology.

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Milk coolers

As the name implies, the coolers are used to low the temperature of the milk. Only at this temperature it can be stored for a longer period ...

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